Servo Eliminators

WerkesUSA Exhaust Servo Eliminators are built using the highest of engineering practices. Built to ensure performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Made of one solid piece of CNC’d Delrin material and potted with marine grade automotive epoxy. These units are 100% sealed. No worries about water, dirt, or grease, ever penetrating. WerkesUSA Exhaust Servo Eliminators are digitally controlled via a microprocessor and on-board voltage regulator that will never lose servo position even under the most extreme conditions.


These 0.7oz servo eliminator units will allow you to shed pounds off your bike, open up your exhaust flow, and communicate perfectly with your bike ECU. No more warning lights or dash codes!




WerkesUSA Exhaust Servo Eliminators are intended for track use ONLY!


If you currently have an existing code on your dash. It must be cleared before installing this product.