Our Story

Competition Werkes started in the garage of Ward McKee's Paramount California condo in 1984, as a second source of income to support his dirt track racing habit.

His idea of eliminating the rear fender to enhance the looks of his sportbike caught on. By 1986 his "Fender Eliminator Kit" was being distributed to dealers across the United States by TARGA, a Southern California based sportbike accessory distributor.

With a desire for a slower paced lifestyle and a larger garage, Ward moved his family and business to Oregon in 1988.

Rapid growth caused the need to make changes. So in 2000, Ward brought all the manufacturing of his stainless steel products in-house. This enabled him to ensure quality, fine tuned design and inventory control.

With the equipment and personnel to advance his product, Ward began expanding. 2003 brought the innovative "Limited" kits and their pivot mounts. 2006 brought a true race inspired exhaust line called WerkesUSA.

With products being distributed worldwide by a host of companies, Competition Werkes now employs about 15 people out of its 12,000 square foot facility in Sutherlin Oregon. Furthermore, Competition Werkes is the most recognized name in the "Fender Eliminator" market in which it started.