Founded by Shozo Kawasaki in 1896, Kawasaki got started building parts for ships, railroads, and eventually aircraft. It wasn't until after World War II that Kawasaki emerged as a major Japanese company.

Kawasaki jumped into the motorcycle industry in 1960 when it bought out Meguro Motorcycles. Kawasaki released its first full bike in 1961- the B8 125cc two-stroke.

In 1966 Kawasaki started to fulfill it's desire to hit the American market by opening their American Headquarters in Chicago, IL. After realizing that the American market desired larger displacement (more powerful) motorcycles, Kawasaki released the Mach III (AKA the H1) - a 500cc three-cylinder two-stroke in 1969. It was that same year that Dave Simmonds won the World Championship on his Kawasaki H1. Ever since then, Kawasaki has had a reputation for the most powerful engines on two wheels.

Kawasaki's line up, known as the Ninja, has had vast success with models such as the GPZ900R, ZX750R, ZX6R, ZX9R, ZX10R, and many others. Kawasaki has won many racing championships worldwide with many different riders such as: Dave Simmonds, Reg Pridmore, Kork Ballington, Anton Mang, Eddy Lawson, Wayne Rainey, Doug Chandler, Scott Russell, Shane Byrne, and Tom Sykes.

Competition Werkes' own Ward McKee even raced Kawasakis in the 1970's and 80's. He also has owned many Kawasaki street bikes throughout the years.  Since the mid 1980's Competition Werkes has manufactured many motorcycle performance parts and accessories for the very powerful Kawasaki lineup. Products including the Fender Eliminator Kit, WerkesUSA GP Exhausts, GP Footpegs, and MotoMPH Integrated Taillights. All Competition Werkes products for Kawasaki motorcycles are made to enhance the performance of these finely crafted, high performance, Japanese motorcycles.