In 1906 Soichiro Honda is born in Hamamatsu, Japan. After gaining skills in his fathers blacksmith shop Honda becomes an apprentice in an automotive garage in Tokyo. Enamored with speed, in 1928 he returns to Hamamatsu to open his own auto repair shop and builds his own race car. In 1936 Honda is injured in an auto racing accident.

In 1937 Honda forms a company to manufacture piston rings. Having been self taught success is slow, but his company does become successful. He is a key supplier to Toyota an up and coming car manufacturer. 1946 after Japan is flattened by bombs Soichiro Honda sells his piston ring company in order to help Japan to recover with needed affordable transportation. He does so by grafting two-stoke engines to bicycles. In 1948 Honda Motor Company LTD is incorporated with Soichiro Honda taking the lead in engineering and Takeo Fujisawa covering the financial side.

Honda's first motorcycle comes in 1949 with a 98cc two-stroke called "The Dream". With the success of the Dream by 1951 Honda realizes a problem he helped create... noise pollution. So a 146cc four-stoke engine is designed to help quiet the streets of crowded Tokyo.

In 1954 Soichiro Honda attends the Isle of Man TT. While there he pays particular attention to the 125cc and 250cc machines. In 1957 purchases one of the last Mondial race bikes to study.  In1959 Honda returns to the Isle of Man TT to field five bikes in the "ultra-lightweight" 125cc class. Naomi Tanaguchi finishes 6th. In 1961 he dominates both the 250cc and 125cc classes at the Isle of Man TT with Mike Hailwood on both bikes.

Models such as the CB750, NSR500, VFR750F, CBR600F "Huricane", VFR750R "Interceptor", CBR900RR "Fireblade", RC51, CBR600RR, and CBR1000RR all have huge success in continuing Honda's dream of championship level performance motorcycles.

Since the mid 1980's Competition Werkes has made aftermarket motorcycle parts for most of Honda's street lineup. These products include the Competition Werkes Fender Eliminator Kit, WerkesUSA GP slip-on exhausts, MotoMPH Integrated Taillights, GP Footpegs, Flushmount Turn signals, and more.