Much like Competition Werkes, Brammo Motorsports started with a garage and a vision. The vision (in Brammo's case) a high performance super-car capable of accommodating a 6 ft 8 in person. Brammo Motorsports came into existence in 2002.

After several years in the super-car market, Brammo Motorsports recognized advantages in lithium batteries and had a belief that if the power to weight ration were correct, an EV was possible. So the design of a light weight motorcycle was realized in the "Enertia". In 2008 Brammo Inc. was created. The focus was to be solely on electric motorcycles.

With interest shown to the Enertia from companies such as Best Buy and Chrysalix Energy, Brammo was able to go into full production offering the Enertia in Best Buy stores in 2009.

Also in 2009 Brammo went racing. Finishing 3rd at the famous Isle of Man TT, they were the top finishing production electric motorcycle with a top speed of 102MPH. With that success Brammo desired a high performance production model. So in 2010 they announced the Empulse - a water-cooled electric motorcycle with a 6 speed transmission and a top speed in excess of 100MPH. By 2013 the Empulse had advanced so much it actually reached speeds of 170MPH in race trim at Daytona International Speedway -a new world record for electric motorcycles.

In late 2013 Brammo reached out to Competition Werkes, another Oregon based company, to develop some aftermarket accessories for the street version of the Empulse. Competition Werkes saw the need for a company such a Brammo in the motorcycle industry and wanted to help Brammo dealers worldwide by offering them high-end motorsports accessories and parts.

In April of 2014 Competition Werkes released a Fender Eliminator kit for the Brammo Empulse and Empulse R. This fender eliminator/ tail tidy/ undertail, relocates the license plate and taillight. It also replaces the license light and turn signals. Made from high quality CNC laser cut stainless steel this kit is a must for all Brammo Empulse owners. Explore our diverse range of high quality Brammo electric motorcycle parts and accessories today.