Both Warhorse HSBK Racing Rides Leave Brainerd in Lead of Championships

While team riders Danilo Petrucci and Josh Herrin did not sweep the wins for the weekend, they did accomplish their ultimate goal of having the championship points lead. Petrucci went 2-1 for the weekend while Herrin went 2-2. Here is what our team riders had to say afterwards:


Danilo Petrucci (Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC - #9): “It was a weekend of ups and downs,”
said Petrucci. “Yesterday was one of the toughest days. We struggled a lot in the race because I
crashed quite hard in qualifying and got a few injuries, but today, luck was on our side.
Unfortunately, Jake (Gagne) crashed, and we could take the victory. We made a massive change
yesterday on the front end, and the bike was working much better. Now we are leading the points,

but we are not thinking about the championship. We must stay in front of Jake, or at least put as
much pressure as possible on him. Thanks very much to my team.”


Josh Herrin’s (Warhorse HSBK Racing Ducati NYC #2): “The weekend went well, although we
struggled a little,” Herrin said. “But, in our most difficult weekend, we were able to walk away with
two-second places and hold a 76-point lead in the championship. The team and I just need to go
and debrief and see if the issues we faced at this racetrack will affect us in the tracks to come. I
have a feeling it was just this track that gave us a few issues and I’m looking forward to getting
back onto that top step at the next round at Pittsburgh.”


Next up: Pittsburgh International Race Complex, August 19-21